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Big News!

As of 06/26/2017 Locket Junkie Independent Consultants can now choose to build a team with Locket Junkie! Opt In to this new program or keep your current consultant structure, whichever you choose! Our new Terms & Conditions are located here

If you choose to Opt In, you cannot revert back to the old program. If you choose to remain on the old program, you may Opt In at a later date. This "open registration" will be available until 10/01/2017. Should you choose to not register for the Opt In program OR for the Stay the Same, you will automatically be enrolled in the Opt In program on 10/01/2017. If on 09/30/2017 you still do not know which program you want, choose "Stay the Same" and Opt In later if it suits you. 

Opt In (Click Here)

  • 30% Commission on all Personal Sales
  • 5% Commission on all sales generated by a Team Member (we will currently allow a one-level team)
  • $150 Personal Sales every rolling 3 months to stay active
  • Paid Weekly


Stay the Same (Click Here)

*Please note: There has been a Terms & Conditions edit. As it pertains to the "Old" consultant structure, as of 06/26/2017, there is no longer a way for a consultant to join "under" you, thus eliminating the $50 bonus. The only way to receive an incentive for new joins is to Opt In to the new program.