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Opportunities within! You must love lockets and all things blingy. Must be willing to socialize with others and design beautiful lockets. You must also love saving money on jewelry!  ;)

Join our team today to be one of the first in your area, and enjoy the perks of being one of the ground laying consultants:

  • 40% Commission
  • No Team Building
  • Controlled Market Saturation
  • Reasonably Priced Starter Kits
    • $15 Starter Kit - Sell Online Only
    • $90 Starter Kit - Great Value
    • $150 Starter Kit - Best Value

If you were shocked to see the hidden gem that is Locket Junkie, your community will be too.  

Step 1:
Step 2:
*Please note: Your profile will be activated the following business day after you have filled out the Terms & Agreements and purchased your starter kit.